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Co-Founder/Puzzle Designer/Decorator

Keri is a co-founder of Pressure Point Escape Rooms and is without doubt the smarter of the two! The best bits about Keri are that she is artistic, incredibly organised, always hungry and ridiculously  tall.  

Keri loves a good puzzle and will happily spend her precious spare time tearing her hair out over one. Keri loves working with Mike to design new and exciting experiences for you all to play at Pressure Point Escape Rooms. 


Co-Founder/Puzzle Designer/Builder

Mike on the other hand does not have any hair so he already has one up on Keri. He is also a co-founder of Pressure Point Escape Rooms.  Mike likes to think he is the brains of the company but that is debatable.

Unlike Keri, once upon a time Mike was not fond of puzzles, until one day he came across Escape Rooms! Yes, they really are that good! Mike brings his unorthodox ideas (and hilarious introductions) to Pressure Point Escape Rooms and makes every player's game an unforgettable experience. 


Job Unknown

Gordon is the first recruit, Northern Irish and Keri's dad. There is nothing this man cannot do! While he is not employed, you will more than likely come across him at some point wandering around. He is retired after all. 

If you do have the pleasure of meeting Gordon we are more than sure that it will make your whole experience that bit more magical! 

About us...

On a bit more of a serious note, we are very excited that we have turned this dream into a reality. We here at Pressure Point Escape Rooms want you to experience hilarious, frustrating and spine-tingling moments that you can share with your friends, family or work colleagues. Each time you step into a room, the rule book is out of the window and anything can happen! You need to bring your thinking caps, communication caps, team working caps, patience a nutshell, the more caps you bring the more likely you are to escape! 

All the experiences here at Pressure Point Escape Rooms have been designed and built in house by Mike and Keri. Each room is unique and you won't find it anywhere else in the country! When you play our rooms, not only do we want you to be immersed, but we want you to feel like every little piece of detail has added to an awesome experience. 

It has been a rollercoaster ride making this happen, but we have had amazing support from our friends and family and it is our pleasure to bring to Ashford, Kent, its first ever Escape Room!

We look forward to you playing our rooms!

We just hope you can handle the pressure! 


Pressure Point Escape Rooms


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First Floor Offices,

2C New Rents,



TN23 1JH

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