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4 players         - £22.00 per person
5-6 players     - £20.00 per person
7-8 players     - £18.00 per person (Available for Candyland 1 & 2 only)
Leaderboard limited edition game: £80 per booking (2-6 players) 


Welcome to the World Famous ‘Weetie’s Sweet Shoppe!’, where dreams come true in your mouth every day! Here at Weetie’s Sweet Shoppe we aren’t sugar coating it when we tell you our sweets are the best in town! Every 10 years we announce 4 new sweets that we bring to you, our most devoted customers. However, there’s been a malfunction with our new creations and we need you to savour the day!


I won’t sweet around the bush though, this is a challenge like no other…


This game is for 4-8 Players.

Candyland artwork.jpeg

Don’t jump the gum… come back when you’ve played Candyland 1!

Candyland is a brand new experience from the Pressure Point Escape Room team. This game is a sequel game. Book to play Candyland 1 first, and once you have played that, book up to play Candyland 2.

These games can be played one after the other for an epic 2 hour experience (Just book Candyland 1 then the following Candyland 2 slot to play back to back), or it can be played on two separate occassions.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call on 07834 83 84 10, or drop us an email to



Leaderboard games are a new way to enjoy escape rooms at Pressure Point Escape Rooms. These games are limited edition at a maximum of 6months before changing to a new theme/game. On arrival you will be given a loyalty card so you can enjoy continued discounts the more leaderboard games you play. Also, the idea is in the name. Get yourself on the leaderboard for an opportunity to win prizes! Great for those who are more competitive. 


'Twas the night before Christmas, and two little children want to give Santa a gift of his own. 

Come with us on this yule tide adventure and help them create a magical masterpiece filled with love, happiness and festive cheer.

Please note, this game has some crawling required for some team members. The whole group will not be required to crawl. 

We have lowered the age limit for this game to 8yrs+. An adult is still required in the game at all times.


This game is only available from  18th November 2023, and closes on the 21st January 2024

Only £80 for up to 6 players.

See below for dates for 2/3 players at 2/3 player prices:

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