Team Building

Escape rooms are a brilliant way for your employees/colleagues to work together in a fresh environment. Our rooms require many of the every day skills needed to keep a company functioning at it's full potential. With the added pressure of a time limit, escape rooms give a unique insight in to how people work together.


Important skills required for an escape room are:

  • Communication - both giving opinions and listening to others opinions 

  • Attention-to-detail  

  • Team work - sharing tasks to succeed in a common goal

  • Promotes critical and lateral problem solving

  • Focusing on specific tasks despite other distractions to complete them within a time frame. 

Why choose Pressure Point Escape Rooms?

At Pressure Point Escape Rooms we believe in creating fun and thought provoking environments for our players. We know that not everyone in the team will know what an escape room is, so we ensure all team members are briefed thoroughly to have the best idea of what is required of them. 


Our rooms are designed to reduce any fears people have when it comes to playing an escape room. Our experiences are not scary, we have no live actors, there is no climbing or crawling, the rooms are spacious and the doors are always unlocked so no one is ever trapped in our rooms. We won't allow more than 6 people in one experience to ensure no one feels uncomfortable in the space. The limit on numbers also ensures each team member can contribute to the game, giving each person that all important 'ah-ha' moment.

Availability & Pricing


Team building packages are available 5 days a week (Wed - Sun) from 11am - 11pm.

Pricing is team number dependent. Our maximum capacity of people on site playing at the same time is 12. We are able to cater for more players by extending your time with us. We will personalise your time where we can to allow everyone to start together. This always helps add to the experience as teams love a bit of competition. 

Contact us on for a personalised quote. Please tell us how many people you are looking to bring and what time/date you are looking for.

What does your experience include?

  • A day that suits you with personalised timing where possible.

  • 1 free bottle of water per person. 

  • An introduction to the experience and an opportunity for any questions to be asked.

  • 1 hour in our Escape Rooms. (2 different themed rooms available)

  • A thorough debrief after the game with your game master. An opportunity to clear up any questions team members may have.

  • A free team photograph at the end to commemorate your experience. (These are emailed to you and also uploaded to our Facebook page)

  • Lastly, we love nothing more than a big group battle. To help ramp up the tension and end on a high, we offer a group reveal of each teams times for those who love a bit of friendly competition.

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